Documents That Should be Up-To-Dated and Handy for Filing of Income Tax Return -CA in Gurgaon

Income tax return (ITR) filling time has begun for financial Year 2018-19. All forms are open and utilities are available for individual, HUF and firm for which due date for filing ITR is 31.07.2019 make appointment CA in Gurgaon.

Don’t wait till the due date and keep your all documents ready and handy. It will make you easy in filling your income tax return.


Following are the documents are needed to filling your income tax return:

Form 16/16A:

Form 16/16A is a Tax deduction at source (TDS) certificate given by deductor to deductee after deducting certain percentage from their payment. Each company issues TDS certificate to their employees and vendors. You have to make sure that TDS deducted from your payment has been reflected.

Form 26AS:

Form 26AS is a consolidated statement of tax for a financial year. Form 26AS includes the following details:

  1. TDS deducted by employer
  2. TDS deducted by company for which you are working (other than salary).
  3. Advance tax deposited
  4. Self-assessment tax paid
  5. Income tax refund credited in your bank account.

Form26AS is a crucial document as it help in tally TDS with Form 16/16A.

Home Loan Statement :- 

Principal amount of Home loan is allowed as deduction under section 80C subject to the limit of Rs.2 Lakh. Also the interest on home loan can be claimed as deduction under the head of house property under section 24. It is important to keep home loan repaid statement given by bank with you for claiming the deduction.

 Capital Gain Details :

Capital gain details are the statement in which details of mutual funds, Shares, Property’s sale purchase contains. In case of mutual funds and shares you can get details from your broker. For property sale, you should have Sale deed, Purchase deed and other details requisites for filing of income tax return, GST Consultant in Gurgaon.

Bank Account details :

it is mandatory to disclose all of your bank account details in your income tax return. If any of the bank account is forgotten to fill it shall be considered as nondisclosure of income or hiding of particulars of income. Bank details to be disclosed in Income tax return is as follow:

  • Number of bank accounts
  • Bank Name
  • Account number
  • IFSC code
  • Account type

Interest certificate :

Interest earned from fixed deposits and post office is either credited in your account or compound in your savings. If Interest due is crossed the limit of TDS then Bank deduct TDS on it. It is important to note that bank and post office gives you Interest certificate every year as it is crucial document for filing of income tax return Call Now Chartered Accountant in Gurgaon.

Tax Saving Proof :

There are various deductions allowed under the income tax act from your income. You have option to claim deduction under section 80C, 80D, 80DD, 80E,80EE So on. Each deduction wants you to maintain proof of investment and saving with you while filing of income tax return.


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