What is Tax Consultant and what are the role and benefits of hiring tax consultant?

In India, service sectors are booming. The pandemic covid 19 has changed the thinking and way of working of the resident of India. The service sectors include the information technology, gaming industries, Banking, real estate, heath, education, legal and tax consultant services. Each sector contributes to the economy of India and provides employment to the resident and non resident of India. We are here to discuss about the income tax consultant in gurgaon and will restrict our discussion to the income tax consultant in Gurgaon, their role and the benefits of hiring.

What is Tax Consultant?

Tax consultant is a professional dealing in all kinds of work such as income tax advisory, transfer pricing, GST consultant in gurgaon, and International tax. The consultancy in tax requires in-depth knowledge of the topic and deep analysis. It requires knowledge of the other allied laws such as the contract act, companies act, partnership act, etc. In order to become a tax consultant in gurgaon a person should have specific knowledge however, it does not require degree or certificate. The professionals like Chartered accountants and Lawyers are degree holder and hold specific knowledge of the law. In India, Chartered accountants are known as tax consultants.

Why to obtain the services of Tax advisors?

Tax professionals are known for their specialized knowledge of income tax consultant in gurgaon and GST. They take advance training and upgrade their knowledge on daily basis. Normally, tax professional is hired for the tax planning and to fulfill compliance on time of an organisation. Interpretation is one of the major core areas where the services of a tax consultant is required. In India and other countries like United States of America, the requirement of tax consultant is huge because every taxpayer wants to reduce his tax liabilities and make his compliance complete on time.

What other things Tax consultant do apart from Tax advisory?

The tax consultants are very versatile in presenting the case of their clients before the tax officers. They prepare complete documents strategically and present the case. Further, they help in presenting the case and appear on behalf of the client before the commissioner, tribunal, high court and supreme court. Presentation of the tax case is an art and it requires specialised skill and experience and tax advisor are fully equipped with it. 

The tax consultant mainly provides the following services.

  • Preparing income tax return
  • Advising the tax implication of any transaction
  • Minimizing tax liabilities
  • Looking for the scope of deductions and exemptions
  • Making suggestions to the clients the improve their reporting system
  • Minimize the tax liabilities for salaried employees
  • Helps in bookkeeping and retainership services
  • Manage capital gain taxes
  • Look into the books of account to arrive at the profit from business and profession.

How you can find Tax Consultant?

Finding a tax consultant near you is an easy task. You can either ask your friend or relative to suggest a ca near me. Reference of a relative or friend may benefit you because there is always supportive behaviour of a person when you go with a reference. The google has build a tool where you can find anything including the professional service of a chartered accountant in Gurgaon. Let’s say you want an LLP registration in Gurgaon, company registration in Gurgaon or GST consultant in Gurgaon, you can simply write income tax consultant in Gurgaon or ca in Gurgaon. You will see the list of websites and nearby locations of CAs. Get the number from their websites and call them for supportive services.

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