Using Co-Working Space? Let’s see how GST has benefited us.

Initially freelancers and startups are worried for their fixed cost. Which are Office Rent, Employee Salary, etc. Everyone put their efforts to reduce this cost, But somewhere they have to compromise.

Now in mega cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, you have facilities of using Coworking Space. Where all basic amenities available which everyone wants in his office. Further you have options to choose company giving it at lower price and near to you.

Lower price could be given by company only with proper planning and planning includes GST as well. Let’s see, is GST really impacts your pocket?

* If you are registered under the GST then GST charge on the invoice will benefit you. You can set off it against your output GST liabilities.

* One of the major benefit government has given to you is, No GST will be charged on Security deposit given at the time of becoming member of company.

* Further government has opened the hands of companies for availing input credit. Which mean earlier under the service tax benefit of inputs were limited. Now in GST scope of Input credit is wider than service tax. It would affect the price charge from you as monthly rental.

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