Loan & Advances paid to shareholders are considered as Deemed Dividend

Dividend is a sum of money paid by company out of its profits to its shareholders. Dividends are decided by board of directors and approved by shareholders. Company distributing dividend pays Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) to government.  These are the summarized few points of dividend distribution in india. One more important definition of Deemed Dividend […]

Tax planning through Hindu undivided family (HUF)

This might sound to be impracticable in real life, but it is not so, as this is made possible in actual practice by proper tax planning. You can make a tax planning through HUF, but before explaining it, let’s shed light on some important part of HUF law. – Only Hindu, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists[…..]

Using Co-Working Space? Let’s see how GST has benefited us.

Initially freelancers and startups are worried for their fixed cost. Which are Office Rent, Employee Salary, etc. Everyone put their efforts to reduce this cost, But somewhere they have to compromise. Now in mega cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, you have facilities of using Coworking Space. Where all basic amenities available which everyone wants in[…..]

Do you pay Income tax for advertisement services received?

In 2016 Finance Act has introduced a tax called ‘’Equalisation Levy” in Income tax act mainly to cover transactions of e-commerce. The purpose behind the introduction of this tax appears to be to bring within the tax transactions whose source of income is in india and the benefit is received by the service recipient in[…..]