Procedure for applying for Amnesty scheme for one-time settlement of default in export obligation by Advance and EPCG authorization holders

The Policy Circular No. 1/2023 dated April 17, 2023 by the DGFT has introduced a procedure for Advance and EPCG authorization holders to apply for an Amnesty scheme for a one-time settlement of default in export obligation. The Public Notice No. 02/2023 dated April 01, 2023 specifies the following steps for filing the application:

  1. Log in to the DGFT website and navigate to Services –> Advance Authorisation/DFIA > Closure of Advance Authorisation for AA/EPCG discharge/closure. For EPCG, navigate to Services EPCG Closure of EPCG.
  2. Select the checkbox for ‘Amnesty scheme for one-time settlement of default in export obligation’ and file the application for closure against the concerned EPCG or AA authorization as per the online proforma.
  3. Indicate the duty and interest values to be paid under the ‘Redemption Matrix’ tab and submit the application online.
  4. The RA concerned will examine and confirm the shortfall through an online letter upon receiving the online application.
  5. Make the required payment of duty and interest to the Jurisdictional Customs Authority and provide proof of payment in response to the online letter.
  6. The concerned RA may examine and consider granting the Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) online based on the evidence of payments and other relevant documents prescribed.

RAs are directed to process any such applications within 3 working days. Further guidance is available on the DGFT website under Learn –> Application Help & FAQs –> Advance Authorisation Closure Help document or EPCG Help Document. For additional assistance, the concerned RA may be approached or the following Helpdesk channels may be utilized:

  1. Raise a service request ticket through the DGFT Helpdesk service
  2. Send an email to DGFT Helpdesk at
  3. Call the Toll-free DGFT Helpdesk numbers.
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